What’s so good about cheddar cheese, and what’s up with Vermont anyway?

While visiting friends in the woods of Vermont I was introduced to a number of local foods. Yet for two weeks we literally lived off Vermont cheddar cheeses melted over dense local whole-grain breads, while wielding links of pepperoni in hand. You know how sometimes the great taste of some foods has a lot to do with memorable moments? Vermont cheddar is like that for me. Yet despite the company of good friends and maybe even being surrounded by Vermont’s nature, this same cheese held up great back home here in Michigan. I became a convert for Vermont cheddar. Because we strive to give you great raw materials for your daily adventures, we chose award winning Cabot Creamery Cooperative as the source for our cheddar cheese. We cannot find a better cheddar.  So check out our memories of Vermont.  Get a loaf of our fine Garlic Lover’s White Cheddar and see for yourself.

Dinner CG Whats so good about cheddar cheese, and whats up with Vermont anyway?

Ann Arbor Croissant Donuts from Uncle Neil

Christmas at The Sunday Artisan Market

just take a sneak peak

best wide Ann Arbor Croissant Donuts from Uncle Neil

Strawberry buttercreme croissant donut

cinnamon 1 Ann Arbor Croissant Donuts from Uncle Neil

Cinnamon buttercreme

Nutella Filled1 Ann Arbor Croissant Donuts from Uncle NeilNutella

ss banner Ann Arbor Croissant Donuts from Uncle Neil

Go Blue!


What a clever concept the (ooo-la-la) is.  As if you haven’t already heard, a croissant donut is a hybrid conceived and successfully presented by a pastry chef at his bakery located in… The Western Hemisphere. He said since the French do not have a donut recipe, I shall make donuts with dough I have and voila!  a croissant donut. Well you’ve got to go with what you know right. So why, after my stumbling on a few local posts Friday night asking roughly, “where is Ann Arbor’s (ooo-la-la)?”, would I think I should go ahead and give it a shot?  Because I make donuts.

I learned much of what I didn’t know about puff pastry, and combined this with what we know about donut production, and a rose butter creme croissant donut (perhaps resembling the real deal?) was made here in Ann Arbor.  Personally pleased with the results, we made 18 more of these gems and set up our usual booth at the Sunday Artisan Market.  People didn’t really arrive until noon, but surprisingly by one o’clock these were all gone.


This being our first shot at this, I was certain to get as much market feedback as possible.  Of those customers who hung around a bit, the feedback was very positive even given that these were made much with on hand materials.  I was told we had truly achieved a donut-croissant. Other people put it simply as delicious.

Instead of being subject to the rigid temperature requirements associated with a pastry chef’s dairy or egg-based fillings; we use confectionary prepared fillings and glean donut industry expertise in product safety for your protection.  You can expect on-the-road food safety such as the environment of local Markets, your trip home, your kitchen counter or even your office, as opposed to the challenges faced with cream or egg-based fillings.  So consider ours a more robust treat, which you could probably eat with dirty hands if you want to, but we don’t recommend it.

These fried croissants are unique, taste great and have a great texture and crispiness that you don’t get with a donut.  We’ll have more product on hand this weekend. Come on out and see us at the Sunday Artisan Market starting at 11am, or the Brighton Farmer’s Market Saturday starting at 8am.




What to do with a loaf of Cherry-Walnut bread

Our customers tell us they really enjoy our cherry-walnut bread. Some make french toast while others dab on a few spoonfuls of their favorite chicken salad. Either way, we can’t see how to lose. With tart Michigan Montmorency cherries from Traverse Bay Fruit Co. (sulfate and preservative free!) and premium Diamond California walnuts, this bread is a special treat. Can you think of other ways to enjoy this bread?

Chickensalad e1376012293942 292x3001 What to do with a loaf of Cherry Walnut bread

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